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sometimes shirt happens

I saw this article on hnews.

I am getting old I guess but it reeks of QAnon to me.

The statement "everything is misinformation" is wrong.

I know for a fact that a LOT of balloons are released daily (weather, hobby, spy... whatever). reference

I know for a fact that a LOT of train derailments happen all the time. reference

Both of those links and therefore the information existed well before the balloons or the accident. So that is it.

The balloons that were shot down were more than likely nothing special. The one balloon that was identified as a Chinese spy balloon was a Chinese spy balloon. Shooting it down over the US was a dumb idea and still is so waiting till it was offshore was the correct thing to do.

The train falling off the tracks is also not special in the sense that it happens all the time but what was on that train is very special and has really messed up an area in Ohio.

The Chinese either lost control of their balloon or got caught.

The train fell off the tracks.

There are no dots. Sometimes shirt happens.